Reality TV Makes Me Feel Better

As embarrassing as it is, I am guilty of watching a good dose of reality television during my week. I guess you could say it makes me feel better about myself knowing that I am not as crazy, dramatic, desperate or insane as 90 percent of the people on reality television. 

My favorite reality television show would have to the Real Housewives on Bravo. For some reason I just get dragged into the drama and can’t get out. I have to watch every week to see the drama unfold or I feel like I am missing out. I even find myself reading the cast blogs after I watch an episode and getting sucked into the train wreck. It’s so pathetic but it’s like an addiction watching these women live such dramatic lives.

I am also guilty of watching the Bachelor. My roommates and I feel like we have to drop everything to watch it on Sunday nights. It is so embarrassing to admit but we just can’t get enough of watching these women desperately fight for the man they “love” after knowing him for two weeks. It is so hard to watch when I get second-hand embarrassment as some of them cry when they get rejected at the rose ceremony. It’s so bad that we can’t stop watching (even though one of my roommates always reads the spoilers and tells us who wins by the second episode).

I think the reason I watch these reality shows so much is because I can’t believe some of the people on reality television are REAL people. They come off more as “characters” to me than actual human beings that live in the real world. Even though they all come off as mostly insane, I do admit I admire their confidence to let America see and criticize their crazy antics.


Finals Week Dizziness

It is the first day of finals week… and my last. Unfortunately I thought I had a little more time than just one day to get everything done.

I woke up this morning to my alarm at 7 a.m. feeling proud and ready to take on my studies. I made my coffee thinking I was going to start my eight-page paper that is due Tuesday at midnight and then study for my Media Law final that is Tuesday at 10 a.m. I sat down at my laptop and opened my email in complete shock. My professor emailed me and my Media Law final was today… Three hours after I just woke up. I then restarted my day frantically creating a study guide for the exam and freaking out.

Fortunately I was prepared for the 10 a.m. exam and finished it in fifteen minutes. After that I felt pretty awesome. Then I realized that since my Media Law final was today, that means my Media Law eight-page final paper was due at midnight tonight instead of tomorrow. I am now spending my day glued to my computer typing away as I try to get this paper done on time. Luckily I am a really skilled multitasker and am confident I will finish.

Once my paper is turned in, I am officially done with college classes. It is definitely a bittersweet feeling.

In the mean time, here are some quotes relating to college that are pretty relevant right now.

Social Media Help From Adorable Animals

Last week my social media class traveled to the Nebraska Humane Society to learn about its extremely successful use of social media, mainly Facebook. The speaker, Elizabeth, was really informative and gave so many tips on how to run a successful social media campaign.

I learned that trial and error is necessary in order to know what works best for your campaign. Elizabeth has tried many things that have worked, such as posting cute photos of animals, and many that have not worked, such as asking for donations, and now she knows what her audience wants to see. Mistakes do happen and people must be open to testing new ideas in order to find out what can make their campaign the most successful.

One of the most important things Elizabeth talked about was Facebook analytics. This gives page admins an understanding of what their audience engages in the most. Elizabeth also told us that she plans posts because the more user-attention she gets on the page, the higher the posts will appear on people’s news feed. For this reason, she will post cute photos of puppies that she knows will get a lot of user-attention at the beginning of the week and then save the posts about older dogs that need to be adopted for later in the week when she knows it will appear at the top of people’s news feeds. I think this is a genius and strategic idea on Elizabeth’s part.

Elizabeth also said she asks the audience to “like” or “share” posts because it will give the page more attention. This is a great strategy because it makes the page visible to an audience that does not already “like” the page.

I also learned the value engaging and building relationships with the audience. Elizabeth always responds to comments and questions on the Facebook page and makes sure that the audience knows that they are valued by the Nebraska Humane Society. I think this is a good strategy because people want to know that their engagement is noticed and matters.

I also loved being able to meet Baxter, a dog that was saved by someone at the Nebraska Humane Society. He was so adorable!


Baxter, an adopted dog from the Nebraska Humane Society.


Baxter, an adopted dog from the Nebraska Humane Society.

I am going to use the valuable information I learned at the Nebraska Humane Society to better my social media plan by using Facebook analytics and engaging with the audience.

Need More Influence

My social media scores are extremely low, which is kind of a bummer since taking a social media class. I am not surprised at my low scores because I am really only active on Facebook and Instagram.

Since I did not have a Twitter account until recently, I did not have a Twitalyzer score. My Social Mention was 0 because the only mention was a different Maggie Willey. My Kred score was 0, which I am confused about because my Klout score was 40 and I thought Kred used Facebook for influence as well.

My goal is to increase my social media use by the end of the semester. I want to start using my Twitter and gaining followers. I want to increase my scores and become an active user of all social media, not just Facebook and Instagram. 

Everyone Should Be Following “The Following”

I am picky when it comes to watching television shows because my attention can go from 100 percent to 0 percent in a matter of milliseconds. When my friend told me he had a new show that I had to watch, I was doubtful I would like it and never tuned in. I got bored the other day and got on Hulu to look around. I found the show he mentioned and decided to click on it. I am now completely hooked.

The show is “The Following”. It is about a jailed serial killer who has a cult of followers that do his killings for him. I know it sounds cliche and probably already done before, but it is so much more than that. I watched 3 episodes in one day and still feel like it wasn’t a waste of time (Even though I could have used that 3 hours to do something more productive). I am literally clenched to my couch the entire 60 minutes it is playing. There are parts where I am almost screaming at the characters because I feel so involved in it. Every episode has a new twist and new followers keep coming out of the woodwork. 

“The Following” is a thriller with a really good story line. It keeps me in suspense the entire time and mad when it is over. It is one of the few shows in years that I have actually waited in excitement for all week. The actors are so convincing at their roles and I feel drawn into the show every week. “The Following” is one show that I would recommend for anyone looking to replace a boring reality show.

Upgrading to the iPhone Has Me Updated

For years I used a non-smart phone and thought all I needed was texting and calling. I never thought I would actually use Internet on my phone when I could just use it on my laptop. But I was wrong. Getting the iPhone has changed my life… literally.

I use my iPhone for everything in my life. Calling, texting, emailing, reminders, alarms, keeping up to date with the news. Literally everything. I was addicted to my laptop for years, but now I rarely use it. My new addiction is now my iPhone. 

I am more informed than ever before thanks to my CNN, Yahoo and Omaha World Herald apps on my phone. I never miss out on any breaking news because it literally gets sent to my phone in a notification. I find myself frozen to my phone often because there is so much information I want to read now.

It used to be rare for me to check my email more than once a day and I usually ended up missing important information due to it. I can now check my email as soon as it gets sent to me because it is connected to my phone. 

I can now check my social media from my phone instead of the old-school way — my laptop. I can also use my phone instead of an iPod when I am at the gym. I can check my bank account from anywhere. I can also YouYube or Google anything from anywhere at anytime.

Having an iPhone has changed my life completely. Everything I used to do from numerous devices has now been combined into one small device I can take everywhere. I never realized how out of the loop I was without an iPhone until I finally made the switch. I can’t imagine my life without it anymore.

This link shows some of the best apps that are FREE for iPhone users. 

This link shows  some secret tips for iPhone users as well.

Life Tastes Good… When Following the Policy

The Coca Cola Company’s Online Social Media Principles lays out the foundation for what the company expects from its employees on social media.

The policy has an introduction that contains the core values, mission and role of social media within the company. The core values are leadership, collaboration, integrity, accountability, passion, diversity and equality. When it comes to its role in social media, it says, “We always remember who we are (a marketing company) and what are role is in the social media community (to build our brand).” The company laid out the expectations that the employees should be spokespeople for the company to build and promote the brand in a good light.

The policy encourages social media use. The company encourages all to “explore and engage in social media communities at a level in which they feel comfortable.” They say to have fun and be smart by using your best judgement. 

The policy has a positive outlook on social media. There are more do’s, however, they speak more about the employee being responsible for his or her own actions and making good judgments. For example, “Be conscious when mixing your business and personal lives.” 

It does not have a conclusion that states what will happen if the policy isn’t followed. Instead, it states the 10 principles that a spokesperson should follow when representing the company online. Coca Cola

The language is readable, but it does not refer to other policies. We think it is a decent length, not too long and detailed, but not too short and summarized. It is separated into categories and easy to understand. We liked how the main points were in bullet points and bolded to make it stand out.

One thing that we think needs to be added is a conclusion that mentions the repercussions of what will happen if he or she does not follow a certain policy. They would also benefit from giving examples of appropriate and inappropriate uses of social media.

The core values and 10 principles were well written and gave the spokespeople a sense of responsibility and encouragement. It was also good that they stated their core values in the beginning and mentioned them throughout the policy statement. We also liked how they allowed the spokespeople to make their own judgment calls because social media is technically your own thing and should remain your own.


I collaborated with Katie Willey and Kate Webb on this blog.