Social Media Help From Adorable Animals

Last week my social media class traveled to the Nebraska Humane Society to learn about its extremely successful use of social media, mainly Facebook. The speaker, Elizabeth, was really informative and gave so many tips on how to run a successful social media campaign.

I learned that trial and error is necessary in order to know what works best for your campaign. Elizabeth has tried many things that have worked, such as posting cute photos of animals, and many that have not worked, such as asking for donations, and now she knows what her audience wants to see. Mistakes do happen and people must be open to testing new ideas in order to find out what can make their campaign the most successful.

One of the most important things Elizabeth talked about was Facebook analytics. This gives page admins an understanding of what their audience engages in the most. Elizabeth also told us that she plans posts because the more user-attention she gets on the page, the higher the posts will appear on people’s news feed. For this reason, she will post cute photos of puppies that she knows will get a lot of user-attention at the beginning of the week and then save the posts about older dogs that need to be adopted for later in the week when she knows it will appear at the top of people’s news feeds. I think this is a genius and strategic idea on Elizabeth’s part.

Elizabeth also said she asks the audience to “like” or “share” posts because it will give the page more attention. This is a great strategy because it makes the page visible to an audience that does not already “like” the page.

I also learned the value engaging and building relationships with the audience. Elizabeth always responds to comments and questions on the Facebook page and makes sure that the audience knows that they are valued by the Nebraska Humane Society. I think this is a good strategy because people want to know that their engagement is noticed and matters.

I also loved being able to meet Baxter, a dog that was saved by someone at the Nebraska Humane Society. He was so adorable!


Baxter, an adopted dog from the Nebraska Humane Society.


Baxter, an adopted dog from the Nebraska Humane Society.

I am going to use the valuable information I learned at the Nebraska Humane Society to better my social media plan by using Facebook analytics and engaging with the audience.


Need More Influence

My social media scores are extremely low, which is kind of a bummer since taking a social media class. I am not surprised at my low scores because I am really only active on Facebook and Instagram.

Since I did not have a Twitter account until recently, I did not have a Twitalyzer score. My Social Mention was 0 because the only mention was a different Maggie Willey. My Kred score was 0, which I am confused about because my Klout score was 40 and I thought Kred used Facebook for influence as well.

My goal is to increase my social media use by the end of the semester. I want to start using my Twitter and gaining followers. I want to increase my scores and become an active user of all social media, not just Facebook and Instagram.