Reality TV Makes Me Feel Better

As embarrassing as it is, I am guilty of watching a good dose of reality television during my week. I guess you could say it makes me feel better about myself knowing that I am not as crazy, dramatic, desperate or insane as 90 percent of the people on reality television. 

My favorite reality television show would have to the Real Housewives on Bravo. For some reason I just get dragged into the drama and can’t get out. I have to watch every week to see the drama unfold or I feel like I am missing out. I even find myself reading the cast blogs after I watch an episode and getting sucked into the train wreck. It’s so pathetic but it’s like an addiction watching these women live such dramatic lives.

I am also guilty of watching the Bachelor. My roommates and I feel like we have to drop everything to watch it on Sunday nights. It is so embarrassing to admit but we just can’t get enough of watching these women desperately fight for the man they “love” after knowing him for two weeks. It is so hard to watch when I get second-hand embarrassment as some of them cry when they get rejected at the rose ceremony. It’s so bad that we can’t stop watching (even though one of my roommates always reads the spoilers and tells us who wins by the second episode).

I think the reason I watch these reality shows so much is because I can’t believe some of the people on reality television are REAL people. They come off more as “characters” to me than actual human beings that live in the real world. Even though they all come off as mostly insane, I do admit I admire their confidence to let America see and criticize their crazy antics.