Upgrading to the iPhone Has Me Updated

For years I used a non-smart phone and thought all I needed was texting and calling. I never thought I would actually use Internet on my phone when I could just use it on my laptop. But I was wrong. Getting the iPhone has changed my life… literally.

I use my iPhone for everything in my life. Calling, texting, emailing, reminders, alarms, keeping up to date with the news. Literally everything. I was addicted to my laptop for years, but now I rarely use it. My new addiction is now my iPhone. 

I am more informed than ever before thanks to my CNN, Yahoo and Omaha World Herald apps on my phone. I never miss out on any breaking news because it literally gets sent to my phone in a notification. I find myself frozen to my phone often because there is so much information I want to read now.

It used to be rare for me to check my email more than once a day and I usually ended up missing important information due to it. I can now check my email as soon as it gets sent to me because it is connected to my phone. 

I can now check my social media from my phone instead of the old-school way — my laptop. I can also use my phone instead of an iPod when I am at the gym. I can check my bank account from anywhere. I can also YouYube or Google anything from anywhere at anytime.

Having an iPhone has changed my life completely. Everything I used to do from numerous devices has now been combined into one small device I can take everywhere. I never realized how out of the loop I was without an iPhone until I finally made the switch. I can’t imagine my life without it anymore.

This link shows some of the best apps that are FREE for iPhone users. 

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