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Everyone Should Be Following “The Following”

I am picky when it comes to watching television shows because my attention can go from 100 percent to 0 percent in a matter of milliseconds. When my friend told me he had a new show that I had to watch, I was doubtful I would like it and never tuned in. I got bored the other day and got on Hulu to look around. I found the show he mentioned and decided to click on it. I am now completely hooked.

The show is “The Following”. It is about a jailed serial killer who has a cult of followers that do his killings for him. I know it sounds cliche and probably already done before, but it is so much more than that. I watched 3 episodes in one day and still feel like it wasn’t a waste of time (Even though I could have used that 3 hours to do something more productive). I am literally clenched to my couch the entire 60 minutes it is playing. There are parts where I am almost screaming at the characters because I feel so involved in it. Every episode has a new twist and new followers keep coming out of the woodwork. 

“The Following” is a thriller with a really good story line. It keeps me in suspense the entire time and mad when it is over. It is one of the few shows in years that I have actually waited in excitement for all week. The actors are so convincing at their roles and I feel drawn into the show every week. “The Following” is one show that I would recommend for anyone looking to replace a boring reality show.


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