Life Tastes Good… When Following the Policy

The Coca Cola Company’s Online Social Media Principles lays out the foundation for what the company expects from its employees on social media.

The policy has an introduction that contains the core values, mission and role of social media within the company. The core values are leadership, collaboration, integrity, accountability, passion, diversity and equality. When it comes to its role in social media, it says, “We always remember who we are (a marketing company) and what are role is in the social media community (to build our brand).” The company laid out the expectations that the employees should be spokespeople for the company to build and promote the brand in a good light.

The policy encourages social media use. The company encourages all to “explore and engage in social media communities at a level in which they feel comfortable.” They say to have fun and be smart by using your best judgement. 

The policy has a positive outlook on social media. There are more do’s, however, they speak more about the employee being responsible for his or her own actions and making good judgments. For example, “Be conscious when mixing your business and personal lives.” 

It does not have a conclusion that states what will happen if the policy isn’t followed. Instead, it states the 10 principles that a spokesperson should follow when representing the company online. Coca Cola

The language is readable, but it does not refer to other policies. We think it is a decent length, not too long and detailed, but not too short and summarized. It is separated into categories and easy to understand. We liked how the main points were in bullet points and bolded to make it stand out.

One thing that we think needs to be added is a conclusion that mentions the repercussions of what will happen if he or she does not follow a certain policy. They would also benefit from giving examples of appropriate and inappropriate uses of social media.

The core values and 10 principles were well written and gave the spokespeople a sense of responsibility and encouragement. It was also good that they stated their core values in the beginning and mentioned them throughout the policy statement. We also liked how they allowed the spokespeople to make their own judgment calls because social media is technically your own thing and should remain your own.


I collaborated with Katie Willey and Kate Webb on this blog.