Myself In One Sentence

Thinking about one sentence to describe myself has been much harder than I originally thought. I like to have fun with my friends and be with my family. I like working and making my own money because I feel like I’m contributing to society. I enjoy learning new things and ideas every day and educating myself on what is going on in the rest of the world.

I am extremely thankful for everyone and everything I have in my life, especially after reading the news every day. I feel bad complaining about my life when there are people in the world without food or families. I am fortunate to live in a safe place and have the opportunities I have. I am blessed to be attending a university in the United States and live in a warm house. I am most blessed with my family because they are the people who are always going to be there for me and I know there are so many people in the world who do not have families. 

This video makes me realize how lucky I am for the things I take for granted: movement, sight, running water, clothes, etc.

Looking at the opportunities and blessings I have in my life makes me want to help others. I want to be able to use my talents to bring joy to other people. Even if it’s just smiling at a stranger, I want to be able to make someone’s day a little better. I think helping others is what life is about and I need to remember that there are other people that do need my help in their lives. 

Myself in one sentence is:

Remaining thankful for what I have while trying to better myself and the lives of others around me.

Also this video is cute.



Social Media Taking Over My Life

Social media is taking over the world. Everywhere I look there is a link to someone’s or something’s Facebook or Twitter. People look at me in shock when I say I don’t have a personal Twitter account. These days if you’re not Instagramming, Facebooking, Tweeting, Poking or Pinning, then you are out of the loop and considered a social outcast.

I openly admit that I have been sucked into the social media phenomenon. Social media has become my best procrastination technique over the years. I find myself constantly checking my Instagram to see what picture my friends upload of their dog, cat, food or other random picture that nobody really should care about but somehow happens to get 40 likes. I login to Facebook and realize I have been chatting to my friends for hours instead of doing the paper that is due at midnight. I don’t even have a Twitter but find myself looking at celebrity Twitters from time to time. I even login to my sister’s Pinterest account to look at clothes and makeup tutorials whenever I run out of procrastination ideas. I would feel completely oblivious to the world without knowing what my friends are up to via social media.

The thing that worries me the most about social media is my privacy. I just had to clean up my Facebook account because I am now friends with my dad, aunts, uncles and anyone else who I would rather not see me out partying on a Friday night. With that said, I hope this class teaches me how to professionally use social media to better my resume when I enter the work world. I want to be able to use social media for professional use rather than procrastination techniques.

This is a good link about “friends” on Facebook and the pros and cons of the site.

This link says Twitter will only last 5 more years. I’m going to say more than that.